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2 x Black DJ Slipmats


2 x DJ slipmats in a fantastic black colour! 

Spin those wheels of steel with these industry standard mats. No fancy branding.... Just plain black felt!

3mm thick and fit perfect on a 12 inch turntable.

£12.99 inc FREE POSTAGE within the UK.

2 x Red DJ Slipmats

Now we are really cooking on gas!

A pair of 12'' red slipmats for your wheels of steel.

£12.99 with FREE POSTAGE with the UK.

1 x Black DJ Slipmat

1 x 12'' DJ Slipmat in BLACK

Plain and simple, it's a black felt slipmat with no frills or bells. It will get the job done.

£8.99 with FREE POSTAGE within the UK

1 x Red DJ Slipmat

1 x DJ Slipmat

Industry standard with no frills or logos etc. 

It is what it is! A plain felt mat that gets the job done......

£8.99 including FREE POSTAGE within the UK